Chemo Day

I have chemo brain fog, that’s the only way I can describe it. When that happens I issue those around me a yellow warning. No one , least of all me, knows what a red warning would tell anyone. The chemo was yesterday, and when the fog lifts I will write about it.

The Toxic Boob

A few weeks ago writing a blog hadn’t been much more than a passing whim. But then a few weeks ago I wasn’t even thinking that I would need to deal with a toxic boob, let alone one that is attached to me. The aim of this blog is to partly help me deal with a situation that I wasn’t expecting or planning on, and also to promote frank and open discussion which is my nature.

This unexpected journey of mine started just before Christmas. I will fill in the gaps between then and now over the next week or so as there are some important bits that help understand how I got to this point. But today I will aim to post daily or every couple of days.